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HAOZIP software by a group of avid fans of public welfare organizations. Is currently the largest free Chinese users decompression software, provide powerful compression and decompression, encryption compression, volume classification compression, self-extracting etc multiple functions.
The experiments proved that the compression effect than similar HAOZIP decompression software over 10% - 30%!
softwaredevelopment, manpower is limited, we welcome more friends to help us to HAOZIPtranslated into various languages, in order to HAOZIP better spread throughout the world!
         Download Haozip V3.0 (Build 9002)
Version Name MD5 Size Download
Multi-language version
(Chinese-simplified, Chinese-traditional, English Included)
395055A01AD6134F4099E3A04E421DF1 7.31M
繁體中文版 E70D44BCDAF37F3D29DC2C0F2C270A95 3.88M
繁體中文版(64bit) C52CABD61D8D72BCC54ED804B71D99B6 4.60M
English version FB87695A78AFF4B3832BAD866B3CDB4F 3.88M
English version(64bit) D988CABF878DCE901D45D32111E2103C 4.60M

V2.8 (Build 8782)

Old Versions, V2.7BETA (Build 8590)

Old Versions, V2.3 (Build 6760)